One should bear in mind another cause of the famine, i.e. the drought of 1945-1946 and partially 1947. However, in the period of 1812-1939, 30 droughtafflicted years were recorded, but the population had never suffered to such an extent as in 1946-1947. The main cause was Stalinist forced delivery of foodstuffs. In 1960, there were 2418 residents in Rezina, 587 in Bosernita, 1750 in Ciorna, 870 in Stohnaia, and 524 in Rezina village. On January 2. 1963, Camenca and Ribnita districts were subordinated to the Rezina executive committee, but on December 31. 1964, the structure was abolished. On December 21, 1960, by the Decree of tire Presidium of the MSSR Supreme Soviet village Soviets of Ciorna and Stohnaia were dissolved with their functions passed over to the Rezina town soviet. On November 10, 1980, 17 Rezina district settlements were transferred under the jurisdiction of the newlyestablished Soldanesti district, while 2 villages from Orhei district were handed over to Rezina district. Since 1959, Rezina town soviet was chaired by M.Noskov, I.Pomes-yachnyi, P.Strokov, AAtamanenko, V.Grebanos, A.Chirita, I.Burciu. In 1967, the lower part of the town was flooded, which marked the beginning of a new and veiy important stage of the town s history - namely the construction of the third terrace. The town was practically rebuilt anew. The first half of the 1970s witnessed the construction of such objects as village cooperation production base, some apartment blocks, kindergarten No.5, "Victoria" cinema, autobus station; later on the district communica­tion centre, a polyclinic, etc.. were erected. A considerable contribution to the construction of the third terrace was made by the staff of No.84 mobile mechanized unit (headed by A.Peghenin, A.Paereli) and brigades headed by S.Spatari, P.Forosiuc, G.Datiuc, Gh.Grachila. Rezina cement plant was put into operation in 1985. Its project capacity was 3.5 mln tons of cement a year turned out by 2 production lines. At present, only one of them is operated with the capacity of 1 mln 250 thousand tons; over 1000 are employed. According to the 1989 All-Union population census, the number of Rezina population reached 14,476 persons (7074 men and 7402 women). The population number in Bosernnita and Ciorna villages was 516 and 1487 persons, respectively. As of January 1, 1997, there were 54,800 residents registered in Rezina district (including 15,200 in the town proper). Popu-latlon density constituted 85 persons per sq.m. The major economic, education and cultural facilities are: 9 industrial enterprises; 38 secondary schools with a total of 10,062 pupils and 826-strong didactic corps; 5 hospitals and 28 obstetric units employing 122 doctors and 392 nurses; 36 clubs and houses of culture with 182 artistic collectives.

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